Grand Parents Day

Grand Parents Day

Grandparents Day Cards Grandparents Day E-Cards & Greetings

Grandparents Day Cards Grandparents Day E-Cards & Greetings

Grandparents Day Cards Grandparents Day E-Cards & Greetings, Warm greetings to your Grandparents and Make them feel special on Grandparents Day. Don’t miss this chance to create lasting memories through activities for all generations to enjoy!

The fun-filled afternoon includes carnival-style games, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, face painting, balloon art, a magician, new photos, a reading of Lucky’s Adventure in Saratoga, and more. Sponsors of the event will have tables set up as a means to answer any queries which attendees might have about services offered throughout Saratoga for households of all ages.

Marian McQuade, a housewife from West Virginia, started with the simple idea of supporting the elderly in nursing homes and finished with a new holiday, National Grandparents Day. Declared a national holiday by President Carter in 1978, it’s now celebrated annually on the first Sunday following Labor Day.

September was chosen as it represents”the autumn years” of one’s life.

Grandparents Day Cards

More than 56 million grandparents live in the United States. An entire 5.7 million reside with their grandchildren. For all families, Grandparents Day presents a chance to tap into the wisdom and heritage that elderly relatives supply –a particularly precious resource for our children.

McQuade aimed to create a day to honor grandparents and give them a chance to demonstrate their love for their grandchildren. She also hoped children would understand the value of their grandparent’s strength and advice, and return that message of love.

For children whose grandparents have passed away, they may be encouraged to provide their kindness to other elderly individuals, especially those who reside in nursing homes.

And then, once the grandchildren come together, we get to observe the wonderment of growing up all over again and re-share our stories and games using a captive new audience.

Grandchildren are the greatest gift you can be awarded, as we can relive our own time as parents and do everything we wanted to — or forgot to do — with our kids. Grandparents always seem to have that tiny bit of extra time and patience for those grandchildren because they haven’t had to deal with the daily trials and tribulations that come with young children.

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